A Clipboard Manager for FreeMiNT and MagiC


GEMClip is an advanced clipboard manager that keeps track of a history of cut or copied pieces of text, known in the context of GEMClip as clips. In other words, with GEMClip users are no longer limited to the standard SCRAP.TXT file, which has up to now served as the usual means of textual data exchange between applications, but to a history of as much as 100 previously cut or copied pieces of text (the standard SCRAP.TXT itself + 99 clip files).


Most operations are done via the manager window, with the clips listbox at its heart. This window may be resized according to 4 predefined view modes. Any number of clips can be selected to which several operations can be applied. However, the most useful of these operations is probably that of replacing the contents of SCRAP.TXT with that of one of the clips (by default, with a double-click or via the Set as Current menu option) so that the next paste command will paste a previously copied piece of text.

System Requirements

GEMClip runs as a desk accessory under FreeMiNT and MagiC exclusively but should work fine on any kind of original Atari computer, clone or emulator. However, it uses some features only available in the later versions of these 2 operating systems so FreeMiNT 1.16 and MagiC 5 are probable minimal requirements.

Since MagiC has no concept of menus in windows, MagiC users will have to use the hierarchical menu that opens on a right mouse button click and offers the exact same layout as the window menu.

GEMClip makes use of some features offered by an AV server (as provided by desktops such as Thing, TeraDesk or jinnee). GEMClip will work fine without such a desktop but will lack a few secondary features.

Note that GEMClip cannot be run as an application by renaming it GEMCLIP.APP.


  • Copy GEMCLIP.ACC and the GEMCLIP subfolder into your accessories folder.
  • Copy the *.HYP and *.REF files from the DOC subfolder into the folder where you keep your hypertext guides.
  • Either double-click on GEMCLIP.ACC or reboot.

Known Issues

  • Reversing the order of the listbox does not work in some cases.
  • Printing hasn't been completed because of a lack of printer.
  • The "Look up online" feature will only work properly (on most systems) if GEMDict is already running (this is due to a system bug that should be corrected soon).


Lars Schmidbauer is responsible for the German version and did an excellent job, as always;

Lars, together with Sascha Uhlig, also performed regular and detailed tests, and reported clear bug reports and suggestions. Their feedback made developing this program much easier. May they both find here my sincere gratitude.

The large toolbar icons were modified from Zorro's zDesk icons.